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Forestdale property managementForestdale Property Management Services

Forestdale is a suburb of Birmingham that directly borders the city. With a population of just around 10,000 residents, you'd never know the hustle and bustle of downtown Birmingham is just a few short miles away. Nevertheless, the community shares a direct link to Birmingham, as US-78 passes directly through the center of Forestdale.

Forestdale isn't actually a city in its own right, but instead is an unincorporated area of Jefferson County. For the more part, Forestdale is a residential community, but it's well-served by amenities in neighboring towns.

Living in Forestdale, Alabama

Most of the properties in Forestdale are single family homes, with a few apartment complexes scattered throughout the area. A number of retailers operate in Forestdale, with almost all of them located on the highway corridor. Walmart has a large store between Forestdale and Adamsville; there are also several strip malls, such as the Forestdale Plaza Shopping Center. Restaurants in Forestdale include an assortment of fast food chains and independent eateries, including local favorites like Deerman’s Hickory Pit BBQ.

Working with a Jefferson County Property Manager

Do you own residential property in Forestdale, Adamsville, or other rural portions of Jefferson County? Owning a rental home serves provides a passive income opportunity, but if you don't get the right management strategy in place, you could easily find yourself bleeding money. Why not partner with a Forestdale property management team and let the experts take charge of your home?

At Signal Property Management, we provide comprehensive solutions for homeowners who need a helping hand. Our team works throughout Jefferson County and we are familiar with the various challenges of owning local real estate. We'll work with you to make sure you're meeting your goals and your tenants stay satisfied.

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Property Marketing

Don't find yourself stuck with a vacant property and no rental income. Our marketing experts work quickly to find qualified tenants, with online & traditional marketing tools.

Tenant Screening

You don't want just anyone in your home and we get that. We use background and financial checks, reference verifications, and public records to carefully screen every candidate.

Rent Collection

Keep your cash flow healthy without the runaround. We handle all billing for your property, including following up on late payments & depositing your earnings in your account.


Keep your home looking its best without spending long hours chasing after maintenance tasks. We coordinate repairs with your tenants and ensure your property stays in great condition.

Property Inspections

Experience unbeatable peace of mind with regular property inspections. We schedule visits throughout the duration of a tenant's stay & check up on what's taking place behind the scenes.

Financial Reporting

Make your next tax season a breeze. We generate monthly financial reports and carefully document your expenses and income. Check in at any time by signing into your online account.


We do everything in our power to keep bad tenants at bay, but should a relationship with a renter ever go south, we'll handle the eviction for you. Breathe easy with a professional on your side.

Legal Guidance

Don't put yourself at risk by ignoring the housing laws and ordinances that govern your rental property. Our team plays by the rules and keeps your interests protected. 


Why Choose Signal Property Management?

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Communication is Our Priority

Don't find yourself partnered with a property manager who keeps you in the dark. We work diligently to answer your questions & keep you informed on the latest in your rental property.

Powerful Technology Works for You

We've taken a giant leap into the 21st century, with online property listings, digital accounts, and digital payment options. These tools allow us to provide the best possible service.

Signal Property Management

Trusted Vendors Work with Us

Maintaining the health of every home in our portfolio is one of our chief concerns. We've built relationships with trusted vendors across Greater Birmingham to get the job done right.

We Offer the Best Customer Service

Homeowners are only one part of the property management equation; keeping tenants satisfied is equally important. By providing great support, we keep turnover rates low.


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"He is always quick to respond to any questions I may have! Give Mark a call for any of your property management needs."

– John Ivey, Satisfied Client
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If you own rentals in Birmingham or the surrounding suburbs, you understand the pressures of being a DIY landlord firsthand. From finding qualified tenants for your home to sending out invoices, coordinating maintenance visits, and compiling accounting records, running a successful rental home is a full-time job. Partnering with a professional property manager can ease the burden on your shoulders and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

At Signal Property Management, we aim to provide the best property management in Birmingham. We're an independent team of local real estate experts that is passionate about helping our clients to succeed. We continually monitor trends in our local market and provide ongoing recommendations and support to our clients. Whether you own a single home in Central Alabama or you need help juggling a large portfolio, we're here to help you. 


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